“Tangerine is simply mesmerizing. With their breathtaking music and riveting live performances, this band is undoubtedly at the top of their game and they've only just begun”
- Free Times

“One of the top 10 releases of 2004”
- 91.3 WYEP Year In Review Book

“Like a statement of intent, a cover of the Stone Roses "I Wanna Be Adored" opens the debut album by this Pittsburgh-based band, forecasting a 40-minute slice of the kind of rock that used to be called alternative, but is actually nothing of the sort. In fact, the chiming guitars and ethereal atmospherics that denote early 90s nostalgia recede somewhat after the discs second track (and return later, appropriately, with Look Back), shifting into mid-tempo, quasi-country gear for the remainder of the record. Its not unlike what the Cowboy Junkies would have sounded like had they been fronted by the singer from Wars "Low Rider." Bassist Deanna Dean sings the Stone Roses cover and returns to back up lead singer/guitarist Tony Matz, who has the deepest voice this side of the Tindersticks. A winning combination.”
- The Sentimentalist Magazine

“Tangerine will almost certainly go far -- the bandís already sparking industry interest, and in the Travis/Coldplay/Keane climate, why not? Songs for the Now and Others Forever is certainly as good as, say, most of [Coldplay's] Parachutes.”
- Pittsburgh City Paper

“One of the top 25 U.S. demo releases of 2002”
- Music Connection Magazine

“One of the top 10 releases of 2002”
- 91.3 WYEP Year In Review Book

“With his raspy baritone, Tangerine lead singer Tony Matz sounds world-weary beyond his years and indeed, for a debut release, the level of musicianship on Tangerine (self-release) shows a maturity in arrangements and dynamics that many more-seasoned bands strive for yet never achieve. This two guitar, bass, drum combo has a bit of an 80’s sound with its chorused guitars and Matz’ almost Morrissey-like detachment, but Tangerine is no retro throwback. With great melodic hooks and engaging, mature lyrics, Tangerine has that intangible something that makes it stand out. This is an outstanding release by on of Pittsburgh’s best new bands. Catch them while you can.”
- Pittsburgh Magazine

“Blending lush dream pop (The Church) with sensitive balladry (Paul Westerberg), the Pittsburgh foursome triumph with their self-released six-song CD, creating addictive, moody landscapes underneath singer Tony Matz's gravely, emotive vocals. ”
- Pork Tartare

If there's ever a moment when you are searching for the right music to have playing while you are having an intimate moment with a loved one or a one night stand, then this is the cd you would want to have playing. If Barry White and Marvin Gaye have too much soul for your desired ears, then a listen to this cd will give you exactly what you wanted without the soul. All of the songs on this disc have an uncanny comparison to those you would hear on soundtracks to movies in which two people rediscover each other at the end or a scene of a middle aged man walking down a leaf filled street on a brisk autumn afternoon reflecting on the woman he lost.

Tangerine blends a smooth mellow sound with melodic moody melodies that are reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Toad The Wet Sproket, Bruce Springsteen, and Big Head Todd And The Monsters, vocally reminding me of Eric “Everlast” Schrody at many times. While the lyrics offer insight into the chaos of being in relationships and the problems that everyone endures, you can still listen to this disc and feel a sense of relaxation and calmness when not feeling hurt or confused.

Making a name for themselves in Pittsburgh should be no hard task for Tangerine. With Bill Deasy making songs for Good Morning America and the absence of The Gathering Field, Tangerine’s newest offering would be an obvious choice as a replacement for the fans that have been seeking something else to put next to their “Lost In America” cd.
- Scene Local

“How does a band come from seemingly nowhere to produce music that is incredibly good? The members of Tangerine practiced in seclusion for nearly a year before coming out fully formed. Comparisons to Pink Floyd and the Church are valid, yet only begin to describe this talented band's guitar-oriented, melodic sound. Definitely the musical surprise of the year”
- Tribune-Review

“This foursome’s frosty alternative rock vibe is characterized by diffused melodies and the simultaneously soothing and angsty Nick Drakeish tones of singer Tony Matz. “24 Miles” is a meandering shoe-gazer. “Changes” is more of the same. But “Elastic World” spikes the set with a quicker pace and chiming pop-rock guitars. There's no question that Tangerine has an allure about them”
- Music Connection Magazine

“The music map of rock has seen New York revived by the Strokes, Detroit made respectable by dynamic duo, The White Stripes, and London, well London, has always been a hyped musical feeding frenzy. Now Pittsburgh can be added. So how the heck is the dirty old steel town of Pittsburgh get into the mix? For one special reason: Tangerine.

This foursome pop/rock band fresh out of Pittsburgh prove living in steel city is anything but harsh. Playing moody, atmospheric and guitar-driven melodic rock, Tangerine have pushed their way into the music scene garnering a shit-load of praise and have had their self-produced, self-titled EP squeezed into the top 25 US demo releases of 2002 by Music Connection Magazine. And they've done it in just over one year. ”

“Tangerine has all the aspects needed in an industry torn between musical credibility and commercial viability”
- M Times

“Tangerine has been able to achieve, in just one year, what seems to take most bands a good part of a lifetime”
- Empire Magazine

“Tangerine has been a musical powerhouse as of lately. They combine mellow harmonies with edgy and powerful lyrics. Their live shows will leave you wanting more every time”

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